FAQs about insurance advocacy

Claim Partners Insurance Claim experts will help you to understand the end to end claims process. We work soley for the insured party, giving you reassurance that you have someone with your best interests at the forefront of any negotiation. Claim Partners can explain what you may or may not be entitled to based on your policy and the circumstances. In many situations, clients have to balance overcoming the situation (i.e. natural disaster event, disruption to their business), with dealing with Insurance providers. As your advocate, we work for you so that you can focus on getting back to business (or life) as quickly as possible.

There are a number of times when it is ideal to engage Claim Partners.

  1. When agreeing to a new policy. We assist with policy advice and risk mitigation.
  2. When an emergency or situation has occurred and it is likely you will need to make an insurance claim.
  3. If you have started to engage with your insurance provider and you are looking to make an insurance claim.
  4. If you are concerned that the negotiation and settlement will be time consuming, and/or not result in the full payment of your claim.
  5. You are not satisfied with your proposed claim settlement value from the insurer, or need specialist advice to deal with the Financial Industry Ombudsman.

As you can imagine, the earlier we are engaged, the better we can assist you with your claim, negotiation and settlement.

Claim Partners insurance claim specialists often have brokers come to us for expert advice on rewording policies and/or where expert and specialist advice is required.

We work with brokers to review and amend insurance contracts, provide guidance on contract wording and interpretation.

At Claim Partners we work with you and on your behalf with your insurer. You will have a consistent specialist allocated to your claim from start through to finish. This means you have one person soley responsible and accountable for claim progress, and who is across all aspects of your claim.

The approach taken by Claim Partners is different in that all options for a client to make a recovery are considered, not just focussing on the Insurance Policy held by the Insured. Claim Partners work with the Insured and (sometimes their broker) to gain a full understanding of the circumstances leading up to and including the cause of the loss, so that the client is fully informed of all of the options available to them.

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