Insurance Claim Preparation & Risk Management

We make the often complex world of insurance much easier for you to navigate, and because we work only for you (the policy holder), you can rest assured that your best interests (and maximising your claim result) is our top priority.

We can help you by:

Insurance Claim Advocate | Claim Partners Australia

Consulting on Insurance Claim Preparation, Risk Assessment and Management

Insurance Claim Advice | Claim Partners South Coast NSW

Reviewing your Insurance Policy Construction, Wording and Policy Terms

Insurance Claim Preparation | Claim Partners Australia

Overcoming issues with your Insurance Claim

How you can benefit from Insurance Claim Preparation and Risk Management

Whether you are a small business or home owner seeking payment for an emergency situation (like fire or storm damage), or a corporation with more complex needs, Claim Partners can help you prepare for and navigate the insurance claims process.

In the past two years alone Claim Partners has achieved over 15 million dollars in settlements for our clients. Our role is to be your advocate in preparing for, negotiating and settling insurance claim payments.

Our work to date has resulted in client claims ranging from $10,000 up to $5,000,000 and beyond.

Clients we have helped to prepare a case for, mitigate risk and recover the maximum return on their claim include:

  • Casual professionals
  • Home owners
  • Small & Medium Enterprises (SME’s)
  • Contractors
  • Corporate Clients
  • Insurance Brokers

Claim Partners leverage extensive insurance claim industry knowledge for the benefit of our clients

You might find it comforting to know that many Insurance Brokers use Claim Partners in both a support and thought leadership capacity.

Brokers often employ our services on behalf of their clients. In this situation, we provide advice on policy construct and wording improvements. We also leverage our experience of working on thousands? or hundreds? of claim cases, together with our industry environment knowledge, for the benefit of our clients.

Most importantly, when things get tough, we work with clients and their brokers to overcome situations where claims are in dispute or have been denied.

Insurance Claims and Risk Management Services

Claim Partners will understand your unique situation and provide a thorough review of your policy.

A key part of our specialist advice includes a full assessment of risk, and consultation on how you can mitigate and manage your insurance claim risk. This extends into insurance policy construction, and includes advice tailored to the specific circumstances of the loss.

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